Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation MAXILUX type

MAXILUX type solid roof windows are equipped for providing additional natural light illumination to spacious facilities such as factory shops, warehouses, and shopping malls. Besides, openable segments installed in them are intended for the withdrawal of smoke and heat from rooms in fire.


Properly designed and installed solid roof windows perform the following functions:

remove smoke and poisonous gases from the lower part of the room; • facilitate evacuation and rescue operations; • ensure safety of the structures and equipment of the building; • reduce intermediate fire damage resulting from emissions of smoke and hot gases; • ensure optimum illumination of the inside of the building while reducing electric power consumption; • if additionally equipped with electrical opening mechanisms, perform the natural ventilation function.

 When designing and selecting smoke and heat removal skylights, one should take it into account that in facilities where chimney flue systems should be equipped, they must ensure that active smoke removal surface accounts for approximately 2 % of the roof surface.

MAXILUX type solid roof windows with smoke and heat exhaust ventilation segments manufactured by UAB Buitmena were tested by a European Union notified laboratory, comply with the requirements established by the standard LST EN 12101-2, and are marked with the CE mark, which enables selling these products in the markets of the EU Member States.

The structure of MAXILUX solid roof windows consists of the base (the lower part of the skylight), bearing structure with filler (the upper part of the skylight), hinged segment, and opening mechanism.

 Base The base of a solid roof window is manufactured of galvanised steel sheet with a thickness of at least 1,5 mm (this type of base should be fitted with an additional insulation layer of mineral wool, polystyrene foam, or another thermal insulating material with a thickness of at least 40 mm). The shape of steel bases is straight (with a height of 350 or 500 mm). If requested by the client, bases with heights of 300 – 750 mm can be manufactured. The thermal conductivity factor of the bases is approximately 1.0 W/m2K (provided that the base is insulated with a 40 mm thick layer of mineral wool).

 Structure (the upper part of the skylight) The structure of solid roof windows consists of the frame and filler. The frame is made of system aluminium profiles, and the filler is made of 10 – 25 mm chambered polycarbonate (PC) and can be either matted or transparent modifications. It should be emphasised that these boards are classified as hardly flammable, self-extinguishing, or in case of thicker boards, fire-retarding. Besides, fillers consisting of a single- or double-layer acryl (PMMA) can be manufactured according to special orders. The hinged segment intended for smoke removal (as well as for ventilation) to be integrated in solid roof windows is made of the same materials as the upper part of the roof window: system aluminium profiles and chambered polycarbonate board filler.