Fire Gate

To meet the market requirements for fire-fighting gates, company UAB Buitmena  . developed and introduced for production fire-fighting sliding gates, type N150.

eal for mounting in various architectural conditions. They are used in buildings of public utility, shopping centers, production plants or in underground garages. In short, in all those places where there is a necessity to separate zones endangered with fire.

They are meant to close the openings in vertical sections of industrial buildings. The fire resistance class of sliding gates is EI 1 120, EI 60, EI 30.

Gates N150 have Technical Approbation of Construction Engineering Institute, no: AT-15-6576/2005.

Gate leaf with fire resistance of EI1120, EI60, EI30 minutes is made of 146 mm-thick panels, in steel sheet coating, in color RR20 (similar to RAL 9003) on the outside and RR21 (similar to RAL 7040) on the inside. We ensure the possibility of painting the gate leaf in any chosen color from RAL color palette.

Filling of the gate leaf is mineral wool of 150kg/m3 density, thanks to which all-up weight of the gate leaf is merely 29 kg/m2.

In the gate leaf, on both sides, there are shell-shaped, galvanized steel handles, facilitating opening of the gate. Panels are bound with galvanized steel shapes, with double thermal separation.

Gate N150 is additionally sealed with a system of labyrinth seals made of galvanized steel with ‘promaseal’ gaskets . Its upper sliding is on a stable galvanized slide mounted to the Iintel with help of a consoles’ system which are regulated in wide range at two levels.

Upper slide-bar is completely built over with fireproof plates at the width of the gate leaf in its "close" position. Optionally there is a possibility to build over the slide-bar also at the width of the gate leaf in its "open" position.

Depending on their purpose and area, gates are opened manually, with help of shell-shaped handle, but closing of the gate ensues automatically thanks to a system of counterweights after releasing of an electroholder keeping the gate in open position. During normal operation, the gate stays always open.

The gate is equipped with electromagnetic holder 24V (500mA) together with a locking-speed regulation mechanism from 0,08 to 0,2 m/per second. Closure-fold is made of PROMATECT® plates, covered with 0,8 mm sheets of galvanized steel.

Gate’s signaling-warning accessories comprise of: relaying exchange, smoke sensors (their number marks the gate’s width), closing button, optical-acoustic signal, cables of exchange near the gate and electric installation. EF also offers optionally electric aid in opening of N150 gates.

Depending on a solution used in particular building circumstances, these gates are moved horizontally (gates NP I single~ and NP II double~leaved, sliding-extensible, and telescopic-tandem NPP gates) or vertically (NP guillotine gates).

Control of calculation of static building elements, onto which the gates are going to be mounted, is in customer’s hands, who is also responsible for static equilibrium. Surfaces meant for mounting of sliding gate’s elements must be smooth. .