Fire curtains

UAB Buitmena fire-fighting rolled curtains FVR 121 are perfectly suitable to protect buildings from spreading of the flames and fire (for example amongst floors or even sections of the building or whole buildings), and also to separate rooms where there’s aggravated risk of fire occurance. They make unfailing and cheap fire-bulkhead. 

In range of reaction to fire and fire-spreading,curtains have been classified as uninflammable and suppressing fire-spreading. Fire resistance class of rolled curtains FVR 121 according to Technical Approbation of Construction Engineering Insitute No: AT-15-6264/2004 is E 120. 

Guaranteed time of separating flames of the fire is : 120 minutes

Thanks to controlling connected with accumulator feeding, the curtain can operate efficiently also when the main supply declines and its compact construction allows mounting even in places of limited space.

UAB Buitmena curtains are made of special, coated cloth, grey in color, with glass fibre, strenghtened with precious steel wire, and have safety devices against ripping the curtain off its slideways. Slides are made of galvanized steel. Shaft’s housing is made of galvanized steel sheets and has maintenance holes. FVR 121 curtain has tubular drive 24 V DC (electrical opening, non-voltage closing).

  • Opening speed : about 3 - 10 cm/per second ( depending on the gate’s size )
  • Emergency closing speed : about 12 cm/per second
  • Curtain’s feeding: 220 V AC, control in housing, size : 300 x 250 mm, optical and acoustic emergency indicators, non-potential plugs to plug into fire-surveillance system, outputs to connect maximally 12 smoke sensors, alarm switch in a small glass-case, minimum 2 smoke sensors - mounted on both sides ( number of smoke sensors depends on the size of the curtain and on lintel’s height ). Emergency accumulator feeding. On request additionally contact safety slat which operates also in curtain’s emergency mode.

Now also a novelty:

rolled curtain FVR 121 in high-speed version, as type FVR121 EC- HS according to DIN norm EN 1634-1. FVR121 EC- HS is a rolled fire-fighting curtain in class E120, characterized by the following parameters:

  • High-speed drive 1,5 kW, 400V,
  • Opening speed: 1 m/s,
  • Closing speed: 0,5 m/s
  • Electric opening and closing.

Welding booth rolling curtain EFOSTO – GS.

The curtains are designed to enclose welding stations to prevent harm to other persons due to the glare.

Design assumptions:

  • Special grey aluminium dyed fabric is used - iso TEX-604-G2 (matt, 1.0 mm thick),
  • Work table heat resistance up to 5000C,
  • Zinc plated steel guides,
  • Electric drive 0,7 kW,
  • Opening speed: ca. 10 cm/s,
  • Closing speed: ca. 10 cm/s,
  • Control cubicle,
  • Compatible with welding unit to prevent welding if curtain is in open position,
  • Safety contact terminal