TF33R Control and power unit


Control and power unit

The TF33R control unit is suitable to power and control up to 3 motors in low  voltage, with forward/backward motion in automatic or “deadman” mode. Every motor is enabled with the ammeter control function, relative to mechanical force, that intervenes to stop the motor in case of malfunction such as breakage, block, etc.

A 230V motor can be controlled with the addition of a special board. Separate inputs for opening and closure of the three motors. 433.92 Mhz rolling-code radio receiver or infrared receiver incorporated. The radio control device can control the motors in open-close mode separately or in step-step mode. Input for wind sensor RW with adjustment of the threshold via trimmer. Possibility to manage two rain sensors RD 12V at the same time. Three blue leds provide signaling functions on the status of the control unit and programming of radio controls. Possibility of emergency opening and closure using the keys used to memorize the radio commands or by means of the transmitter.

Settings for control unit functions (exclusion of rain sensor, deadman function, connection to thermostat, etc.) via dipswitch. The device is marked with the CE seal


Wind Sensor

The wind sensor is a device that, when connected to the TOPP control units, controls the automatic closure of the windows when the wind speed exceeds a preset value. It consists of a sturdy, weather-resistant plastic structure with a system of rotating blades that measure the wind speed.


Rain Sensor

The rain sensor is a device that, like the wind sensor, must be installed in the open where it can be struck by rainfall. RDC/12V can be connected to RR, TF24R, TF44R and TF33R units.They control automatic closure of the windows when the sensor detects raindrops; the sensor does not react to dew or humidity.